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I need something like a great Shakespearean one-liner to express how profoundly grateful I am to have penetrated the heart of the Wallowas with you, your llamas, and those stupendous (and healthy!) meals. I do sort of feel that people ought to earn the right to visit the wilderness – something I most assuredly haven’t lately. So “lightening up” with you was a real gift. Thank you. Please express my gratitude also to Kay and Hans. Kay’s calm, sweetness, and energy on the trail was inspiring. And Hans, well what can one say about Hans, the croc climber? I hope I have not made my last llama foray with you. But meanwhile – again – my most heartfelt appreciation and thanks! – Warm regards, E


I can’t believe it’s been a month since the trip through the high and rugged Wallowas but, it’s as fresh in my mind as if it were last week. What helps is the screensaver on my computer at work is running a continuous slideshow of my pictures so I am constantly there in spirit.

It was such an enjoyable trip with the only downside being it ended a few days too early(!) You and your team were so well prepared with food, drink and accommodations and what a great group of folks we had to experience such a beautiful place with…

Thank you for all the wonderful food and drink…and for helping to make this the only way I want to backpack now. I know I’ll return next year and bring some friends along who I know would enjoy this experience.

Thanks again, have a cozy winter and I’ll see you again next summer!


Finally…nearly five months later…you get a note from your happiest camper ever. Here’s a little keepsake (a photo) which captures the group but which seems to do so little to capture the trip…the scenery, the sky, the stars, the flowers, the colors, the rocks, the streams, the snow, the air, the quiet, the vastness, the laughs, the fires, the coffee, the couscous, the trout, the fitness, the fun.

I truly think it was my finest trip ever. I would love to do it again but the contribution of novelty wouldn’t be there, and I fear that I would always be looking back comparing. It was just a magic week for all of us.

Good luck, thank you, and keep doing what you do so well.


Just to thank you and particularly Steve and Danny for a perfectly beautiful trip. I can see why they call it Little Switzerland. We loved all the food and Steve did everything so effortlessly. I will never make a ginger cookie again without lemon icing!

Thank you again,


We think often of the heartwarming hiking experiences we had with you in the breathtaking high mountain country. We feel incredibly blessed that you shared your wilderness with us…Your gentle spirits were a refreshing change from life in the “big city” and J and I have often found ourselves reminiscing over campfire conversations and tried to “live more deliberately”…you have served as an inspiration for us to love and laugh more, walk instead of driving, buy more with less packaging, enjoy the natural flavors of simple meals and listen with our hearts to each other and our friends and family…

Thank you!


This is just a short note to thank you again for a very enjoyable trip and for going along with H’s idea to bring a bottle of champagne to help us celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary. It was a pleasant surprise for me, and H was please that it made such a hit with everyone. (You made a good choice when you licked it out!)

We think it would be fun to celebrate another anniversary doing a llama trip with you but our family doesn’t think we should wait until our 50th. (I think they are afraid they will have to carry us up the trail if we wait until then.)

Dave contributed to the enjoyment of the trip. He seemed to be a great assistant to Raz – I know he was to me. He was so cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful, and just a real nice guy. And Raz was, as usual, a great host and a terrific cook.



Thanks for a wonderful trip. Raz, you are without a doubt , by a huge margin, the most laid-back leader I have ever experienced yet always organized, in control and running a smooth trip. You are also very high on patience and tolerance. I hope your calm exterior does not cover interior stress. I think you work too hard and are too conscientious.

Louise, your food is the greatest. I can’t say more except that “divine” is always applicable in describing your cookies and other sweets.

Best wishes,


Thank you for an absolutely stunning trip into the High and Rugged Wallowas. It was the perfect getaway.

Next summer, I’m proposing we do the “Across” trip. If the group agrees we’ll be sure to get our reservations in early.

Best regards
H, M and S


Thank you so much for another amazing llama trip. We are so glad we got to see across the wild and rugged Wallowas. And what a great group of people!

Please do let us know the next time you travel to Boise. It would be great to see you!

Best regards,
H and S


Thanks so much for a great trip! You really know how to run a smooth operation, and make it fun too. Thanks for the wonderful homemade food, Louise! Thanks to trail leader Kay and llama wrangler Hans. And how about those llamas? Interesting animals and perfect packers.

Thanks again, all!


Both E and I had a wonderful time with you and B in the Eagle Cap. Many times, in what has turned out to be a hectic summer, I look back and relive a little of the time there. Thanks again for doing a wonderful job.



I loved every minute of it. The scenery, the companionship, the hiking, the sweat, was all so welcome to me. I can’t believe the beauty of that place, nor can I get over the warmth of your hospitality. I will be raving about the experience for weeks on end.



As the fall schedule begins to wind up and the less structured days of summer come to and end, I find my thoughts going back again to our wonderful llama trip… What a new and great adventure for the four of us. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thanks for all your planning and hard work.



The Wallowa Llama trek was very beautiful and a total bargain. You get to see (and sleep in) virgin alpine wilderness, with guides who cook, clean, fetch water, load, lead and care for the llamas who carry all your stuff while you lark along high mountain trails more or less as if you were on your way around a very long block. Our guides could identify the birds (Clark’s nutcracker, mountain bluebirds, hummingbirds, kestrels), beasts (one herd of 80 elk), rocks (including the names of the mountains we could see, and a short discussion of how this part of Oregon began life under the Pacific), flowers (a local variation of Indian paintbrush among many, many others – at one point a hiker said, “This is a rock garden! I am walking through a rock garden!”) and stars (I finally identified Hercules, something I had been trying and failing to do under starry skies in Maine) all the while keeping house in the camp, listening patiently to all our conversation (there were ten of us on the hike) and plotting the next day’s adventures. There was nothing bad about the whole experience. No bad weather. No dangerous situations. You woke up to (real) coffee and took turns with a solar-heated shower in the afternoon. Gill’s and my tent was brand new and had windows with a view. Because of the carrying capacity of the llamas, they are able to serve fresh food, so we had stir-fry for dinner and vegetables for lunch and fruit for breakfast. Mosquitoes were there, but they came and went. We both want to do another trip!



Writing to tell you how much we enjoyed our Wallowa Llama trek! It surpassed our expectations (always a good thing.)

Louise – your food selections were excellent – I’m adjusting to have to cook for myself(ourselves) again.

We’re already talking with the group about a return trip.

Best wishes,
C and R

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