Eagle Meadow Surrounded By Mountains

Eagle Meadow

” We think often of the heartwarming hiking experiences we had with you in the breathtaking high mountain country. We feel incredibly blessed that you shared your wilderness with us…Your gentle spirits were a refreshing change from life in the “big city” and T and I have often found ourselves reminiscing over campfire conversations and tried to “live more deliberately ”… – J

This trip starts at Boulder Park (elev. 5000 feet) on Main Eagle Creek. A hike of four miles and up 1300 feet brings us to our base camp at Eagle Meadow surrounded by granite peaks and bisected by sparkling Eagle Creek. We have two days for hiking to nearby Eagle, Culver and Bear lakes while scouting for the colorful western tanager. The day hikes usually involve crossing snow. We hike back to Boulder Park on the fourth day.

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Graph of mileage and elevation:

Eagle Meadow Elevation



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