2020 TRip Schedule - woman at mountain peak with lakes - by Emily Kanter

2020 Schedule Final

To book just send us an email at raz@wallowallamas.com or if you have questions please call us at (541) 742-2961 or get in touch via our contact form. If you would like to be notified about trips farther out sign up for our newsletter.

Alpine Lake view Wallowallamas

What Folks Say

I need something like a great Shakespearean one-liner to express how profoundly grateful I am to have penetrated the heart of the Wallowas with you, your llamas, and those stupendous (and healthy!) meals. I do sort of feel that people ought to earn the right to visit the wilderness – something I most assuredly haven’t …

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Meet the Llamas

The sure-footed, even tempered llamas are ideal companions on the trail. Six thousand years of domestication by the Inca tribes of South America’s high Andes have resulted in these cousins of the camel being wilderness packers without equal. Their calm, intelligent manner is quickly communicated to their human friends. They can be easily led by …

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