2020 TRip Schedule - woman at mountain peak with lakes - by Emily Kanter

2020 Schedule Final

To book just send us an email at raz@wallowallamas.com or if you have questions please call us at (541) 742-2961 or get in touch via our contact form.

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Spring Creek of Hells CanyonApril 26-29EASY$8950
Spring Creek of Hells CanyonMay 3-6EASY$8950
Eagle MeadowJune 28-July 1EASY$9950
Eagle MeadowJuly 10-13EASY$9950
Eagle MeadowJuly 19-22EASY$9950
High and Rugged WallowasJuly 29- Aug. 2MEDIUM$12950
High and Rugged WallowasAug. 7-11MEDIUM$12951
Through the WallowasAug. 16-21Medium$15953
Through the WallowasAug 28-Sept. 2Medium$15950
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